» Data Source: oci_analytics_analytics_instance

This data source provides details about a specific Analytics Instance resource in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Analytics service.

Info for a specific Analytics instance.

» Example Usage

data "oci_analytics_analytics_instance" "test_analytics_instance" {
    analytics_instance_id = "${oci_analytics_analytics_instance.test_analytics_instance.id}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • capacity -
    • capacity_type - The capacity model to use.
    • capacity_value - The capacity value selected (OLPU count, number of users, ...etc...). This parameter affects the number of CPUs, amount of memory or other resources allocated to the instance.
  • compartment_id - The OCID of the compartment.
  • defined_tags - Defined tags for this resource. Each key is predefined and scoped to a namespace. For more information, see Resource Tags. Example: {"Operations.CostCenter": "42"}
  • description - Optional description.
  • email_notification - Email address receiving notifications.
  • feature_set - Analytics feature set.
  • freeform_tags - Free-form tags for this resource. Each tag is a simple key-value pair with no predefined name, type, or namespace. For more information, see Resource Tags. Example: {"Department": "Finance"}
  • id - The resource OCID.
  • license_type - The license used for the service.
  • name - The name of the Analytics instance. This name must be unique in the tenancy and cannot be changed.
  • service_url - URL of the Analytics service.
  • state - The current state of an instance.
  • time_created - The date and time the instance was created, in the format defined by RFC3339. Example: 2016-08-25T21:10:29.600Z
  • time_updated - The date and time the instance was last updated (in the format defined by RFC3339). This timestamp represents updates made through this API. External events do not influence it.