» nsxt_policy_nat_rule

This resource provides a method for the management of a NAT Rule.

» Example Usage

resource "nsxt_policy_nat_rule" "dnat1" {
  display_name         = "dnat_rule1"
  action               = "DNAT"
  source_networks      = ["", ""]
  destination_networks = [""]
  translated_networks  = [""]
  gateway_path         = nsxt_policy_tier1_gateway.t1gateway.path
  logging              = false
  firewall_match       = "MATCH_INTERNAL_ADDRESS"

  tag {
    scope = "color"
    tag   = "blue"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • display_name - (Required) Display name of the resource.
  • description - (Optional) Description of the resource.
  • tag - (Optional) A list of scope + tag pairs to associate with this NAT Rule.
  • nsx_id - (Optional) The NSX ID of this resource. If set, this ID will be used to create the policy resource.
  • gateway_path - (Required) The NSX Policy path to the Tier0 or Tier1 Gateway for this NAT Rule.
  • action - (Required) The action for the NAT Rule. One of SNAT, DNAT, REFLEXIVE, NO_SNAT, NO_DNAT, NAT64.
  • destination_networks - (Optional) A list of destination network IP addresses or CIDR.
  • enabled - (Optional) Enable/disable the Rule. Defaults to true.
  • firewall_match - (Optional) Firewall match flag. One of MATCH_EXTERNAL_ADDRESS, MATCH_INTERNAL_ADDRESS, BYPASS.
  • logging - (Optional) Enable/disable rule logging. Defaults to false.
  • rule_priority - (Optional) The priority of the rule. Valid values between 0 to 2147483647. Defaults to 100.
  • service - (Optional) Policy path of Service on which the NAT rule will be applied.
  • source_networks - (Optional) A list of source network IP addresses or CIDR.
  • translated_networks - (Optional) A list of translated network IP addresses or CIDR.
  • translated_ports - (Optional) Port number or port range. For use with DNAT action only.
  • scope - (Optional) A list of paths to interfaces and/or labels where the NAT Rule is enforced.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to arguments listed above, the following attributes are exported:

  • revision - Indicates current revision number of the object as seen by NSX-T API server. This attribute can be useful for debugging.
  • path - The NSX path of the policy resource.

» Importing

An existing policy NAT Rule can be imported into this resource, via the following command:

terraform import nsxt_policy_nat_rule.rule1 GWID/ID

The above command imports the policy NAT Rule named rule1 for the NSX Tier0 or Tier1 Gateway GWID with the NSX Policy ID ID.