» nsxt_policy_lb_pool

This resource provides a method for the management of a LBPool.

» Example Usage

resource "nsxt_policy_lb_pool" "test" {
    display_name         = "test"
    description          = "Terraform provisioned LB Pool"
    algorithm            = "IP_HASH"
    min_active_members   = 2
    active_monitor_path  = "/infra/lb-monitor-profiles/default-icmp-lb-monitor"
    passive_monitor_path = "/infra/lb-monitor-profiles/default-passive-lb-monitor"
    member {
      admin_state                = "ENABLED"
      backup_member              = false
      display_name               = "member1"
      ip_address                 = ""
      max_concurrent_connections = 12
      port                       = "77"
      weight                     = 1
    snat {
       type = "AUTOMAP"
    tcp_multiplexing_enabled = true
    tcp_multiplexing_number  = 8

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • display_name - (Required) Display name of the resource.
  • description - (Optional) Description of the resource.
  • tag - (Optional) A list of scope + tag pairs to associate with this resource.
  • nsx_id - (Optional) The NSX ID of this resource. If set, this ID will be used to create the resource.
  • algorithm - (Optional) Load balancing algorithm, one of ROUND_ROBIN, WEIGHTED_ROUND_ROBIN, LEAST_CONNECTION, WEIGHTED_LEAST_CONNECTION, IP_HASH. Default is ROUND_ROBIN.
  • member_group - (Optional) Grouping specification for pool members. When member_group is set, member should not be specified.
    • group_path - (Required) Path for policy group.
    • allow_ipv4 - (Optional) Use IPv4 addresses from the grouping object, default is true.
    • allow_ipv6 - (Optional) Use IPv6 addresses from the grouping object, default is true
    • max_ip_list_size - (Optional) Maximum number of IPs to use from the grouping object.
    • port - (Optional) If port is specified, all connections will be redirected to this port.
  • member- (Optional) Members of the pool. When member' is set,member_group` should not be specified.
    • ip_address - (Required) Member IP address.
    • admin_state - (Optional) One of ENABLED, DISABLED, GRACEFUL_DISABLED. Default is ENABLED.
    • backup_member - (Optional) Whether this member is a backup member.
    • display_name - (Optional) Display name of the member.
    • max_concurrent_connections - (Optional) To ensure members are not overloaded, connections to a member can be capped by this setting.
    • port - (Optional) If port is specified, all connections will be redirected to this port.
    • weight - (Optional) Pool member weight is used for WEIGHTED algorithms.
  • min_active_members - (Optional) A pool is considered active if there are at least certain minimum number of members.
  • active_monitor_path - (Optional) Active monitor to be associated with this pool.
  • passive_monitor_path - (Optional) Passive monitor to be associated with this pool.
  • snat - (Optional) Source NAT may be required to ensure traffic from the server destined to the client is received by the load balancer.
    • type - (Optional) SNAT type, one of 'AUTOMAP,DISABLED,IPPOOL. Default isAUTOMAP`.
    • ip_pool_addresses - (Optional) List of IP ranges or IP CIDRs to use for IPPOOL SNAT type.
  • tcp_multiplexing_enabled - (Optional) Enable TCP multiplexing within the pool.
  • tcp_multiplexing_number - (Optional) The maximum number of TCP connections per pool that are idly kept alive for sending future client requests.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to arguments listed above, the following attributes are exported:

  • id - ID of the Secuirty Policy.
  • revision - Indicates current revision number of the object as seen by NSX-T API server. This attribute can be useful for debugging.
  • path - The NSX path of the policy resource.

» Importing

An existing pool can be imported into this resource, via the following command:

terraform import nsxt_policy_lb_pool.test ID

The above command imports LBPool named test with the NSX LBPool ID ID.