» nsxt_mac_management_switching_profile

Provides a resource to configure MAC management switching profile on NSX-T manager

» Example Usage

resource "nsxt_mac_management_switching_profile" "mac_management_switching_profile" {
  description        = "mac_management_switching_profile provisioned by Terraform"
  display_name       = "mac_management_switching_profile"
  mac_change_allowed = "true"

  mac_learning {
    enabled                  = "true"
    limit                    = "4096"
    limit_policy             = "ALLOW"
    unicast_flooding_allowed = "false"

  tag {
    scope = "color"
    tag   = "red"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • description - (Optional) Description of this resource.
  • display_name - (Optional) The display name of this resource. Defaults to ID if not set.
  • tag - (Optional) A list of scope + tag pairs to associate with this MAC management switching profile.
  • mac_change_allowed - (Optional) A boolean flag indicating allowing source MAC address change.
  • mac_learning - (Optional) Mac learning configuration:
    • enabled - (Optional) A boolean flag indicating allowing source MAC address learning.
    • unicast_flooding_allowed - (Optional) A boolean flag indicating allowing flooding for unlearned MAC for ingress traffic. Can be True only if mac_learning is enabled.
    • limit - (Optional) The maximum number of MAC addresses that can be learned on this port.
    • limit_policy - (Optional) The policy after MAC Limit is exceeded: ALLOW/DROP.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to arguments listed above, the following attributes are exported:

  • id - ID of the MAC management switching profile.
  • revision - Indicates current revision number of the object as seen by NSX-T API server. This attribute can be useful for debugging.

» Importing

An existing MAC management switching profile can be imported into this resource, via the following command:

terraform import nsxt_mac_management_switching_profile.mac_management_switching_profile UUID

The above would import the MAC management switching profile named mac_management_switching_profile with the nsx id UUID