» nsxt_policy_transport_zone

This data source provides information about Policy based Transport Zones (TZ) configured in NSX. A Transport Zone defines the scope to which a network can extend in NSX. For example an overlay based Transport Zone is associated with both hypervisors and logical switches and defines which hypervisors will be able to serve the defined logical switch. Virtual machines on the hypervisor associated with a Transport Zone can be attached to logical switches in that same Transport Zone.

» Example Usage

data "nsxt_policy_transport_zone" "overlay_transport_zone" {
  display_name = "1-transportzone-87"
data "nsxt_policy_transport_zone" "vlan_transport_zone" {
  transport_type = "VLAN_BACKED"
  is_default     = true

» Argument Reference

  • id - (Optional) The ID of Transport Zone to retrieve.
  • display_name - (Optional) The Display Name prefix of the Transport Zone to retrieve.
  • transport_type - (Optional) Transport type of requested Transport Zone, one of OVERLAY_STANDARD, OVERLAY_ENS, VLAN_BACKED and UNKNOWN.
  • is_default - (Optional) May be set together with transport_type in order to retrieve default Transport Zone for for this transport type.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to arguments listed above, the following attributes are exported:

  • description - The description of the Transport Zone.
  • is_default - A boolean flag indicating if this Transport Zone is the default.
  • transport_type - The transport type of this transport zone.
  • path - The NSX path of the policy resource.