» nsxt_edge_cluster

This data source provides information about Edge clusters configured in NSX. An Edge cluster is a collection of Edge nodes which can be deployed as either VM form-factor or bare-metal form-factor machines for connectivity between overlay logical switches and non-NSX underlay networking for north/south layer 2 or layer 3 connectivity. Each T0 router will be placed on one ore more Edge nodes in an Edge cluster therefore this data source is needed for the creation of T0 logical routers.

» Example Usage

data "nsxt_edge_cluster" "edge_cluster1" {
  display_name = "edgecluster"

» Argument Reference

  • id - (Optional) The ID of Edge Cluster to retrieve.

  • display_name - (Optional) The Display Name prefix of the Edge Cluster to retrieve.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to arguments listed above, the following attributes are exported:

  • description - The description of the edge cluster.

  • deployment_type - This field could show deployment_type of members. It would return UNKNOWN if there is no members, and return VIRTUAL_MACHINE|PHYSICAL_MACHINE if all Edge members are VIRTUAL_MACHINE|PHYSICAL_MACHINE.

  • member_node_type - An Edge cluster is homogeneous collection of NSX transport nodes used for north/south connectivity between NSX logical networking and physical networking. Hence all transport nodes of the cluster must be of same type. This field shows the type of transport node,