» Logentries Provider

The Logentries provider is used to manage Logentries logs and log sets. Logentries provides live log management and analytics. The provider needs to be configured with a Logentries account key before it can be used.

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» Example Usage

# Configure the Logentries provider
provider "logentries" {
  account_key = "${var.logentries_account_key}"

# Create a log set
resource "logentries_logset" "host_logs" {
  name = "${var.server}-logs"

# Create a log and add it to the log set
resource "logentries_log" "app_log" {
  logset_id = "${logentries_logset.host_logs.id}"
  name      = "myapp-log"
  source    = "token"

# Add the log token to a cloud-config that can be used by an
# application to send logs to Logentries
resource "aws_launch_configuration" "app_launch_config" {
  name_prefix   = "myapp-"
  image_id      = "${var.ami}"
  instance_type = "${var.instance_type}"

  user_data = <<EOF
  - content: |
        #!/bin/bash -l
        export LOGENTRIES_TOKEN=${logentries_log.app_log.token}
    path: "/etc/sv/my-app/run"
    permissions: 0500
  - ln -s /etc/sv/my-app /etc/service/

  iam_instance_profile = "${var.instance_profile}"

  lifecycle {
    create_before_destroy = true

  root_block_device {
    volume_type = "gp2"
    volume_size = "100"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported in the provider block:

  • account_key - (Required) The Logentries account key. This can also be specified with the LOGENTRIES_ACCOUNT_KEY environment variable. See the Logentries account key documentation for more information.