» Data Source: linode_profile

Provides information about a Linode profile.

» Example Usage

The following example shows how one might use this data source to access profile details.

data "linode_profile" "profile" {}

» Argument Reference

There are no supported arguments because the provider token can only access the associated profile.

» Attributes

The Linode Profile resource exports the following attributes:

  • email - The profile email address. This address will be used for communication with Linode as necessary.

  • timezone - The profile's preferred timezone. This is not used by the API, and is for the benefit of clients only. All times the API returns are in UTC.

  • email_notifications - If true, email notifications will be sent about account activity. If false, when false business-critical communications may still be sent through email.

  • username - The username for logging in to Linode services.

  • ip_whitelist_enabled - If true, logins for the user will only be allowed from whitelisted IPs. This setting is currently deprecated, and cannot be enabled.

  • lish_auth_method - The methods of authentication allowed when connecting via Lish. 'keys_only' is the most secure with the intent to use Lish, and 'disabled' is recommended for users that will not use Lish at all.

  • authorized_keys - The list of SSH Keys authorized to use Lish for this user. This value is ignored if lish_auth_method is 'disabled'.

  • two_factor_auth - If true, logins from untrusted computers will require Two Factor Authentication.

  • restricted - If true, the user has restrictions on what can be accessed on the Account.

  • referrals - Credit Card information associated with this Account.

  • referrals.0.total - The number of users who have signed up with the referral code.

  • referrals.0.credit - The amount of account credit in US Dollars issued to the account through the referral program.

  • referrals.0.completed - The number of completed signups with the referral code.

  • referrals.0.pending - The number of pending signups for the referral code. To receive credit the signups must be completed.

  • referrals.0.code - The Profile referral code. If new accounts use this when signing up for Linode, referring account will receive credit.

  • referrals.0.url - The referral URL.