» Data Source: linode_image

Provides information about a Linode image

» Example Usage

The following example shows how one might use this data source to access information about a Linode image.

data "linode_image" "k8_master" {
    id = "linode/debian8"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • id - (Required) The unique ID of this Image. The ID of private images begin with private/ followed by the numeric identifier of the private image, for example private/12345.

» Attributes

The Linode Image resource exports the following attributes:

  • label - A short description of the Image.

  • created - When this Image was created.

  • created_by - The name of the User who created this Image, or "linode" for official Images.

  • deprecated - Whether or not this Image is deprecated. Will only be true for deprecated public Images.

  • description - A detailed description of this Image.

  • is_public - True if the Image is public.

  • size - The minimum size this Image needs to deploy. Size is in MB. example: 2500

  • type - How the Image was created. Manual Images can be created at any time. image"Automatic" Images are created automatically from a deleted Linode.

  • vendor - The upstream distribution vendor. None for private Images.