» JDCloud

JDCloud provider helps managing resources on JDCloud. Before you start with this plugin, you have to provide a pair of access key and secret to identify yourself.

» Authentication

Credential consists of your key pairs and the region id, which is used for authentication. Currently you can set up your credential in two ways:

  • Simply write them in your configuration file
  • Set them as environment variables

» Write them in your configuration file

For example, a credential can look like this. Place this at the beginning of jdcloud.tf

provider "jdcloud" {
  access_key = "your_access_key"
  secret_key = "your_secret_key"
  region     = "cn-north-1"

» Set as environment variable

Or you can set them as environment variable via command line

$ export access_key="your_access_key"
$ export secret_key="your_secret_key"
$ export region="cn-north-1"

And leave the provider field blank in configuration file. Terraform will load them automatically.

provider "jdcloud" {