» Infoblox Provider

The Infoblox provider is used to interact with Infoblox Grid objects.

» Authentication

The provider allows you to manage Infoblox credentials. The following methods for supplying credentials are supported: - Static credentials - Environmental variables

» Static Credentials

Static credentials can be provided in the Infoblox provider block. A typical provider configuration will look like this:

provider "infoblox"{
  version="~> 1.0"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported in the provider block:

  • version - (Optional) Specify the provider version
  • username - (Required) Infoblox user name
  • password - (Required) Infoblox user password
  • server - (Required) Grid master or CP member IP address

» Environmental Variables

Credentials can be provided using the INFOBLOX_USERNAME, INFOBLOX_PASSWORD, and INFOBLOX_SERVER environmental variables which correspond to your username, password, and server respectively.

Example Usage:

$ export INFOBLOX_USERNAME="infoblox_user"
$ export INFOBLOX_PASSWORD="infoblox"

» Supported Functionality

  • The provider only allows creation of network views. Deletion of network views is not supported.
  • The provider supports only Create , Read and Delete for networks/CIDRs . Updating a network is not supported.
  • If the provider is used to allocate IPs to VMs using other providers, please use the 2 resource blocks ip_allocation and ip_association. Examples for using the Infoblox provider are provided.
  • Using the ip_allocation block , you can create either a Reservation, Fixed address, or Host Record. To create a host record please look at the ip_allocation resource documentation for detailed instructions.
  • If the provider is not used with any other providers, just use the ip_allocation block to allocate IPs. ip_allocation supports complete CRUD operations.
  • ip_association block is used to update the properties of VMs. If you are not using the provider with other providers to deploy VMs and allocate IPs from NIOS, ignore this block.
  • The provider supports Create, Read and Delete for A,PTR,CNAME Records. Update functionality is not supported.

» Additional Note

The provider is designed keeping in mind the cloud network automation aspects of NIOS. If you don't have a cloud license installed in NIOS please add the below EAs manually.

In the Grid Manager, go to Administration > Extensible Attributes and add the following EAs: