» Infoblox Provider

The Infoblox provider is used to interact with Infoblox organization resources.

The provider allows you to manage infoblox credentials.

A typical provider configuration will look something like:

provider "infoblox"{

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported in the provider block: * INFOBLOX_USERNAME - (Required) User login details * INFOBLOX_SERVER - (Required) Grid master's or CP members IP * INFOBLOX_PASSWORD - (Required) Grid master's or CP members password

» Supported Functionality

  • The provider only allows to create network views. Deletion of network view's is not supported
  • The provider supports only Create , Read and delete for networks/CIDR's . Updating a network is not supported
  • If the provider is used to allocate IP's to VM's using other provider, please use the 2 resource's ip_allocation and ip_association blocks. examples for using Infoblox provider are shown.
  • Using the ip_allocation block , you can either create a Reservation/Fixed address/Host Record. To create host record please look at the ip_allocation resource as to how to create a Host record
  • If the provider is not used with any other provider's, just use the ip_allocation block. ip_allocation supports complete CRUD operations
  • ip_association block is used to update the properties of VM's , If you are not using the provider with other providers to deploy VM and allocate IP from NIOS, ignore this block
  • The provider supports create, Read and delete for A,PTR,CNAME Records. Update functionality is not supported.

» Additional Note

The provider is designed to keeping in mind the cloud aspective of NIOS. So if you don't have a cloud license installed in NIOS please add the below EA's in NIOS manually Go to Administration > Extensible Attributes and the following EA's * VM Name as string * VM ID as string * Cloud API Owned as List(Vlaues : True,False) * CMP Type as string * Tenant ID as string * Network Name as string