» incapsula_acl_security_rule

Provides a Incapsula ACL Security Rule resource. ACL Security Rules allow for blacklisting or whitelisting countries, IP addresses, and URLs.

» Example Usage

resource "incapsula_acl_security_rule" "example-global-blacklist-country-rule" {
  site_id = "${incapsula_site.example-site.id}"
  rule_id = "api.acl.blacklisted_countries"
  countries = "AI,AN"

resource "incapsula_acl_security_rule" "example-global-blacklist-ip-rule" {
  rule_id = "api.acl.blacklisted_ips"
  site_id = "${incapsula_site.example-site.id}"
  ips = ","

resource "incapsula_acl_security_rule" "example-global-blacklist-url-rule" {
  rule_id = "api.acl.blacklisted_urls"
  site_id = "${incapsula_site.example-site.id}"
  url_patterns = "CONTAINS,EQUALS"
  urls = "/alpha,/bravo"

resource "incapsula_acl_security_rule" "example-global-whitelist-ip-rule" {
  rule_id = "api.acl.whitelisted_ips"
  site_id = "${incapsula_site.example-site.id}"
  ips = ","

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • site_id - (Required) Numeric identifier of the site to operate on.
  • rule_id - (Required) The id of the acl, e.g api.acl.blacklisted_ips. Options are api.acl.blacklisted_countries, api.acl.blacklisted_urls, api.acl.blacklisted_ips, and api.acl.whitelisted_ips.
  • continents - (Optional) A comma separated list of continent codes.
  • countries - (Optional) A comma separated list of country codes.
  • ips - (Optional) A comma separated list of IPs or IP ranges, e.g:, or
  • urls - (Optional) A comma separated list of resource paths.
  • url_patterns - (Optional) The patterns should be in accordance with the matching urls sent by the urls parameter. Options are CONTAINS, EQUALS, PREFIX, SUFFIX, NOT_EQUALS, NOT_CONTAIN, NOT_PREFIX,and NOT_SUFFIX.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - Unique identifier in the API for the ACL security rule.