» huaweicloud_lb_whitelist_v2

Manages a Load Balancer whitelist resource within HuaweiCloud.

» Example Usage

resource "huaweicloud_lb_listener_v2" "listener_1" {
  name            = "listener_1"
  protocol        = "HTTP"
  protocol_port   = 8080
  loadbalancer_id = var.loadbalancer_id

resource "huaweicloud_lb_whitelist_v2" "whitelist_1" {
  enable_whitelist = true
  whitelist        = ",,"
  listener_id      = huaweicloud_lb_listener_v2.listener_1.id

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • tenant_id - (Optional) Required for admins. The UUID of the tenant who owns the whitelist. Only administrative users can specify a tenant UUID other than their own. Changing this creates a new whitelist.

  • listener_id - (Required) The Listener ID that the whitelist will be associated with. Changing this creates a new whitelist.

  • enable_whitelist - (Optional) Specify whether to enable access control.

  • whitelist - (Optional) Specifies the IP addresses in the whitelist. Use commas(,) to separate the multiple IP addresses.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported: