» huaweicloud_iam_agency_v3

Manages an agency resource within huawei cloud.

» Example Usage

resource "huaweicloud_iam_agency_v3" "agency" {
  name                  = "test_agency"
  description           = "test agency"
  delegated_domain_name = "***"
  project_role = [
      project = "cn-north-1"
      roles = [
        "Tenant Administrator",
  domain_roles = [
    "Anti-DDoS Administrator",

Note: It can not set tenant_name in provider "huaweicloud" when using this resource.

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) The name of agency. The name is a string of 1 to 64 characters.

  • description - (Optional) Provides supplementary information about the agency. The value is a string of 0 to 255 characters.

  • delegated_domain_name - (Required) The name of delegated domain.

  • project_role - (Optional) An array of roles and projects which are used to grant permissions to agency on project. The structure is documented below.

  • domain_roles - (optional) An array of role names which stand for the permissionis to be granted to agency on domain.

The project_role block supports:

  • project - (Required) The name of project

  • roles - (Required) An array of role names

note: one or both of project_role and domain_roles must be input when creating an agency.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported: