» huaweicloud_rds_flavors_v1

Use this data source to get the ID of an available HuaweiCloud rds flavor.

» Example Usage

data "huaweicloud_rds_flavors_v1" "flavor" {
  region            = "eu-de"
  datastore_name    = "PostgreSQL"
  datastore_version = "9.5.5"
  speccode          = "rds.pg.s1.medium"

» Argument Reference

  • region - (Required) The region in which to obtain the V1 rds client.

  • datastore_name - (Required) The datastore name of the rds.

  • datastore_version - (Required) The datastore version of the rds.

  • speccode - (Optional) The spec code of a rds flavor.

» Available value for attributes

datastore_name datastore_version speccode
PostgreSQL 9.5.5
ha = True:
rds.pg.m1.2xlarge.ha rds.pg.c2.large.ha rds.pg.s1.2xlarge.ha rds.pg.c2.xlarge.ha rds.pg.s1.xlarge.ha rds.pg.m1.xlarge.ha rds.pg.m1.large.ha rds.pg.c2.medium.ha rds.pg.s1.medium.ha rds.pg.s1.large.ha
ha = False:
rds.pg.s1.xlarge rds.pg.m1.2xlarge rds.pg.c2.xlarge rds.pg.s1.medium rds.pg.c2.medium rds.pg.s1.large rds.pg.c2.large rds.pg.m1.large rds.pg.s1.2xlarge rds.pg.m1.xlarge
MySQL 5.6.33
ha = True:
rds.mysql.s1.medium.ha rds.mysql.s1.large.ha rds.mysql.s1.xlarge.ha rds.mysql.s1.2xlarge.ha rds.mysql.s1.8xlarge.ha rds.mysql.s1.4xlarge.ha rds.mysql.m1.2xlarge.ha rds.mysql.c2.medium.ha rds.mysql.c2.large.ha rds.mysql.c2.xlarge.ha rds.mysql.c2.2xlarge.ha rds.mysql.c2.4xlarge.ha rds.mysql.c2.8xlarge.ha rds.mysql.m1.medium.ha rds.mysql.m1.large.ha rds.mysql.m1.xlarge.ha rds.mysql.m1.4xlarge.ha
ha = False:
rds.mysql.s1.medium rds.mysql.s1.large rds.mysql.s1.xlarge rds.mysql.s1.2xlarge rds.mysql.s1.8xlarge rds.mysql.s1.4xlarge rds.mysql.m1.2xlarge rds.mysql.c2.medium rds.mysql.c2.large rds.mysql.c2.xlarge rds.mysql.c2.2xlarge rds.mysql.c2.4xlarge rds.mysql.c2.8xlarge rds.mysql.m1.medium rds.mysql.m1.large rds.mysql.m1.xlarge rds.mysql.m1.4xlarge
SQLServer 2014 SP2 SE
ha = True:
rds.mssql.m1.2xlarge.ha rds.mssql.m1.xlarge.ha rds.mssql.m1.4xlarge.ha rds.mssql.s1.xlarge.ha rds.mssql.c2.xlarge.ha rds.mssql.s1.2xlarge.ha
ha = False:
rds.mssql.m1.2xlarge rds.mssql.m1.xlarge rds.mssql.m1.4xlarge rds.mssql.s1.xlarge rds.mssql.c2.xlarge rds.mssql.s1.2xlarge

» Attributes Reference

id is set to the ID of the found rds flavor. In addition, the following attributes are exported: