» huaweicloud_gaussdb_mysql_flavors

Use this data source to get available HuaweiCloud gaussdb mysql flavors.

» Example Usage

data "huaweicloud_gaussdb_mysql_flavors" "flavors" {

» Argument Reference

  • engine - (Optional) Specifies the database engine. Only "gaussdb-mysql" is supported now.

  • version - (Optional) Specifies the database version. Only "8.0" is supported now.

  • availability_zone_mode - (Optional) Specifies the availability zone mode. Currently support single and 'multi'. Defaults to single.

» Attributes Reference

In addition, the following attributes are exported:

  • flavors - Indicates the flavors information. Structure is documented below.

The flavors block contains:

  • name - The name of the gaussdb mysql flavor.
  • vcpus - Indicates the CPU size.
  • memory - Indicates the memory size in GB.
  • mode - Indicates the database mode.
  • version - Indicates the database version.