» heroku_team_member

Provides a Heroku Team Collaborator resource.

» Example Usage

# Adds a Heroku user to a Heroku team as a viewer.
resource "heroku_team_member" "foobar-member" {
  team  = "my-team"
  email = "some-user@example.com"
  role  = "member"

» Argument Reference

  • team - (Required) The name of the Heroku team that the team member will be added to.
  • email - (Required) Email address of the team collaborator
  • role - (Required) The role to assign the team member. See the API docs for available options.

» Import

Team members can be imported using the combination of the team application name, a colon, and the member's email address.

$ terraform import heroku_team_member.foobar-member my-team-foobar:some-user@example.com