» heroku_team_collaborator

A Heroku Team Collaborator receives access to a specific Team-owned app.

To create a Heroku Team, use the New Team feature of Heroku Dashboard. For Heroku Enterprise accounts, new Teams may be created within the account by users with the right permissions.

A Heroku "team" was originally called an "organization", and that is still the identifier used elsewhere in this provider. For heroku_app & heroku_space resources, set the Heroku Team name as the "organization".

» Example Usage

# Create a new team collaborator for the foobar application that has view, operate, manage permissions
resource "heroku_team_collaborator" "foobar-collaborator" {
    app = "${heroku_app.foobar.name}"
    email = "collaborator@foobar.com"
    permissions = ["view", "operate", "manage"]

» Argument Reference

  • app - (Required) The name of the team app that the team collaborator will be added to.
  • email - (Required) Email address of the team collaborator
  • permissions - (Required) List of permissions that will be granted to the team collaborator. The order in which individual permissions are set here does not matter. Please visit this link for more information on available permissions.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The ID of the team collaborator

» Import

Team Collaborators can be imported using the combination of the team application name, a colon, and the collaborator's email address

For example:

$ terraform import heroku_team_collaborator.foobar-collaborator foobar_app:collaborator@foobar.com