» heroku_space_member

Provides a Heroku Space resource for managing app permissions for the entire space. Members with the admin role will always have full permissions to a Heroku Space, so using this resource on an admin will have no affect. The provided member must already exist in your Heroku organization. Currently the only supported permission is create_apps.

» Example Usage

// Create a new Heroku space
resource "heroku_space" "default" {
  name = "test-space"
  organization = "my-company"
  region = "virginia"

// Give an existing team member create_apps permissions to the space
resource "heroku_space_app_access" "member1" {
  space = "${heroku_space.default.name}"
  email = "member1@foobar.com"
  permissions = ["create_apps"]

// Remove all permissions from an existing team member
resource "heroku_space_app_access" "member1" {
  space = "${heroku_space.default.name}"
  email = "member1@foobar.com"
  permissions = []

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • space - (Required) The name of the space.
  • email - (Required) The email of the team member to set permissions for.
  • permissions - (Required) The permissions to grant the team member for the space. Currently create_apps is the only supported permission. If not provided the member will have no permissions to the space. Members with admin role will always have create_apps permissions, which cannot be removed.

» Importing

Existing slugs can be imported using the combination of the space name, a colon, and the member email.

For example:

$ terraform import heroku_space_app_access.member1 my-space:member1@foobar.com