» heroku_config

Provides a Heroku Config resource, making it possible to define variables to be used throughout your Heroku terraform configurations. Combined with heroku_app_config_association, these two resources enable users to decouple setting config var(s) from the heroku_app resource.

» Example HCL

resource "heroku_config" "endpoints" {
    vars = {
        x = "https://..."
        y = "https://..."
        z = "https://..."

    sensitive_vars = {
        PRIVATE_KEY = "some_private_key"

» Argument Reference

  • vars - Map of vars that are can be outputted in plaintext.
  • sensitive_vars - This is the same as vars. The main difference between the two attributes is sensitive_vars outputs are redacted on-screen and replaced by a placeholder, following a terraform plan or apply. It is recommended to put private keys, passwords, etc in this argument.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The ID of the config.

» Import

The heroku_config resource is a meta-resource, managed only within Terraform state. It does not exist as a native Heroku resource. Therefore, it is not possible to import an existing heroku_config configuration.