» hcloud_network_route

Provides a Hetzner Cloud Network Route to represent a Network route in the Hetzner Cloud.

» Example Usage

resource "hcloud_network" "mynet" {
  name = "my-net"
  ip_range = ""
resource "hcloud_network_route" "privNet" {
  network_id = "${hcloud_network.mynet.id}"
  destination = ""
  gateway = ""

» Argument Reference

  • network_id - (Required, int) ID of the Network the route should be added to.
  • destination - (Required, string) Destination network or host of this route. Must be a subnet of the ip_range of the Network. Must not overlap with an existing ip_range in any subnets or with any destinations in other routes or with the first ip of the networks ip_range or with
  • gateway - (Required, string) Gateway for the route. Cannot be the first ip of the networks ip_range and also cannot be as this IP is being used as a gateway for the public network interface of servers.

» Attributes Reference

  • id - (int) Unique ID of the Network route.
  • network_id - (int) ID of the Network.
  • destination - (string) Destination of this route.
  • gateway - (string) Gateway of the route.