» Data Source: hcloud_image

Provides details about a Hetzner Cloud Image. This resource is useful if you want to use a non-terraform managed image.

» Example Usage

data "hcloud_image" "image_1" {
  id = "1234"
data "hcloud_image" "image_2" {
  name = "ubuntu-18.04"
data "hcloud_image" "image_3" {
  with_selector = "key=value"

resource "hcloud_server" "main" {
  image  = "${data.hcloud_image.image_1.name}"

» Argument Reference

  • id - (Optional, string) ID of the Image.
  • name - (Optional, string) Name of the Image.
  • with_selector - (Optional, string) Label selector
  • most_recent - (Optional, bool) If more than one result is returned, use the most recent Image.
  • with_status - (Optional, list) List only images with the specified status, could contain creating or available.

» Attributes Reference

  • id - (int) Unique ID of the Image.
  • name - (string) Name of the Image, only present when the Image is of type system.
  • type - (string) Type of the Image, could be system, backup or snapshot.
  • status - (string) Status of the Image.
  • description - (string) Description of the Image.
  • created - (string) Date when the Image was created (in ISO-8601 format).
  • os_flavor - (string) Flavor of operating system contained in the image, could be ubuntu, centos, debian, fedora or unknown.
  • os_version - (string) Operating system version.
  • rapid_deploy - (bool) Indicates that rapid deploy of the image is available.
  • deprecated - (string) Point in time when the image is considered to be deprecated (in ISO-8601 format).