» gridscale_paas

Provides a PaaS resource. This can be used to create, modify and delete PaaS.

» Example

The following example shows how one might use this resource to add a PaaS to gridscale:

resource "gridscale_paas" "terra-paas-test" {
  name = "terra-paas-test"
  service_template_uuid = "f9625726-5ca8-4d5c-b9bd-3257e1e2211a"
  timeouts {

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) The human-readable name of the object. It supports the full UTF-8 charset, with a maximum of 64 characters.

  • service_template_uuid - (Required) The template used to create the service.

  • labels - (Optional) List of labels in the format [ "label1", "label2" ].

  • security_zone_uuid - (Optional) The UUID of the security zone that the service is running in.

  • parameters - (Optional) Contains the service parameters for the service.

    • param - (Required) Name of parameter.
    • value - (Required) Value of the corresponding parameter.
  • resource_limit - (Optional) A list of service resource limits..

    • resource - (Required) The name of the resource you would like to cap.
    • limit - (Required) The maximum number of the specific resource your service can use.
    • type - (Required) Primitive type of the parameter: bool, int (better use float for int case), float, string.

» Timeouts

Timeouts configuration options (in seconds): More info: https://www.terraform.io/docs/configuration/resources.html#operation-timeouts

  • create - (Default value is "15m" - 15 minutes) Used for Creating resource.
  • update - (Default value is "15m" - 15 minutes) Used for Updating resource.
  • delete - (Default value is "15m" - 15 minutes) Used for Deleteing resource.

» Attributes

This resource exports the following attributes: