» google_storage_notification

Creates a new notification configuration on a specified bucket, establishing a flow of event notifications from GCS to a Cloud Pub/Sub topic. For more information see the official documentation and API.

In order to enable notifications, a special Google Cloud Storage service account unique to the project must have the IAM permission "projects.topics.publish" for a Cloud Pub/Sub topic in the project. To get the service account's email address, use the google_storage_project_service_account datasource's email_address value, and see below for an example of enabling notifications by granting the correct IAM permission. See the notifications documentation for more details.

» Example Usage

resource "google_storage_notification" "notification" {
  bucket         = google_storage_bucket.bucket.name
  payload_format = "JSON_API_V1"
  topic          = google_pubsub_topic.topic.name
  custom_attributes = {
    new-attribute = "new-attribute-value"
  depends_on = [google_pubsub_topic_iam_binding.binding]

// Enable notifications by giving the correct IAM permission to the unique service account.

data "google_storage_project_service_account" "gcs_account" {

resource "google_pubsub_topic_iam_binding" "binding" {
  topic   = google_pubsub_topic.topic.name
  role    = "roles/pubsub.publisher"
  members = ["serviceAccount:${data.google_storage_project_service_account.gcs_account.email_address}"]

// End enabling notifications

resource "google_storage_bucket" "bucket" {
  name = "default_bucket"

resource "google_pubsub_topic" "topic" {
  name = "default_topic"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • bucket - (Required) The name of the bucket.

  • payload_format - (Required) The desired content of the Payload. One of "JSON_API_V1" or "NONE".

  • topic - (Required) The Cloud PubSub topic to which this subscription publishes. Expects either the topic name, assumed to belong to the default GCP provider project, or the project-level name, i.e. projects/my-gcp-project/topics/my-topic or my-topic.

  • custom_attributes - (Optional) A set of key/value attribute pairs to attach to each Cloud PubSub message published for this notification subscription

  • event_types - (Optional) List of event type filters for this notification config. If not specified, Cloud Storage will send notifications for all event types. The valid types are: "OBJECT_FINALIZE", "OBJECT_METADATA_UPDATE", "OBJECT_DELETE", "OBJECT_ARCHIVE"

  • object_name_prefix - (Optional) Specifies a prefix path filter for this notification config. Cloud Storage will only send notifications for objects in this bucket whose names begin with the specified prefix.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to the arguments listed above, the following computed attributes are exported:

» Import

Storage notifications can be imported using the notification id in the format <bucket_name>/notificationConfigs/<id> e.g.

$ terraform import google_storage_notification.notification default_bucket/notificationConfigs/102