» google_storage_bucket_acl

Authoritatively manages a bucket's ACLs in Google cloud storage service (GCS). For more information see the official documentation and API.

Bucket ACLs can be managed non authoritatively using the storage_bucket_access_control resource. Do not use these two resources in conjunction to manage the same bucket.

Permissions can be granted either by ACLs or Cloud IAM policies. In general, permissions granted by Cloud IAM policies do not appear in ACLs, and permissions granted by ACLs do not appear in Cloud IAM policies. The only exception is for ACLs applied directly on a bucket and certain bucket-level Cloud IAM policies, as described in Cloud IAM relation to ACLs.

NOTE This resource will not remove the project-owners-<project_id> entity from the OWNER role.

» Example Usage

Example creating an ACL on a bucket with one owner, and one reader.

resource "google_storage_bucket" "image-store" {
  name     = "image-store-bucket"
  location = "EU"

resource "google_storage_bucket_acl" "image-store-acl" {
  bucket = google_storage_bucket.image-store.name

  role_entity = [

» Argument Reference

  • bucket - (Required) The name of the bucket it applies to.

» Attributes Reference

Only the arguments listed above are exposed as attributes.