» google_logging_project_exclusion

Manages a project-level logging exclusion. For more information see the official documentation and Excluding Logs.

Note that you must have the "Logs Configuration Writer" IAM role (roles/logging.configWriter) granted to the credentials used with Terraform.

» Example Usage

resource "google_logging_project_exclusion" "my-exclusion" {
  name = "my-instance-debug-exclusion"

  description = "Exclude GCE instance debug logs"

  # Exclude all DEBUG or lower severity messages relating to instances
  filter = "resource.type = gce_instance AND severity <= DEBUG"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • filter - (Required) The filter to apply when excluding logs. Only log entries that match the filter are excluded. See Advanced Log Filters for information on how to write a filter.

  • name - (Required) The name of the logging exclusion.

  • description - (Optional) A human-readable description.

  • disabled - (Optional) Whether this exclusion rule should be disabled or not. This defaults to false.

  • project - (Optional) The project to create the exclusion in. If omitted, the project associated with the provider is used.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to the arguments listed above, the following computed attributes are exported:

  • id - an identifier for the resource with format projects/{{project}}/exclusions/{{name}}

» Import

Project-level logging exclusions can be imported using their URI, e.g.

$ terraform import google_logging_project_exclusion.my_exclusion projects/my-project/exclusions/my-exclusion