» google_folder_iam_audit_config

Allows management of audit logging config for a given service for a Google Cloud Platform folder.

resource "google_folder_iam_audit_config" "config" {
  folder = "folders/{folder_id}"
  service = "allServices"
  audit_log_config {
    log_type = "DATA_READ"
    exempted_members = [

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • folder - (Required) The resource name of the folder in which you want to manage the audit logging config. Its format is folders/{folder_id}.

  • service - (Required) Service which will be enabled for audit logging. The special value allServices covers all services. Note that if there are google_folder_iam_audit_config resources covering both allServices and a specific service then the union of the two AuditConfigs is used for that service: the log_types specified in each audit_log_config are enabled, and the exempted_members in each audit_log_config are exempted.

  • audit_log_config - (Required) The configuration for logging of each type of permission. This can be specified multiple times. Structure is documented below.

The audit_log_config block supports:

  • log_type - (Required) Permission type for which logging is to be configured. Must be one of DATA_READ, DATA_WRITE, or ADMIN_READ.

  • exempted_members - (Optional) Identities that do not cause logging for this type of permission. Each entry can have one of the following values:

    • user:{emailid}: An email address that represents a specific Google account. For example, alice@gmail.com or joe@example.com.
    • serviceAccount:{emailid}: An email address that represents a service account. For example, my-other-app@appspot.gserviceaccount.com.
    • group:{emailid}: An email address that represents a Google group. For example, admins@example.com.
    • domain:{domain}: A G Suite domain (primary, instead of alias) name that represents all the users of that domain. For example, google.com or example.com.

» Import

IAM audit config imports use the identifier of the resource in question and the service, e.g.

terraform import google_folder_iam_audit_config.config "{{folder_id}} foo.googleapis.com"