» google_bigquery_reservation

A reservation is a mechanism used to guarantee BigQuery slots to users.

To get more information about Reservation, see:

» Example Usage - Bigquery Reservation Basic

resource "google_bigquery_reservation" "reservation" {
    provider       = google-beta
    name           = "reservation"
    location       = "asia-northeast1"
    // Set to 0 for testing purposes
    // In reality this would be larger than zero
    slot_capacity  = 0
    ignore_idle_slots = false

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • slot_capacity - (Required) Minimum slots available to this reservation. A slot is a unit of computational power in BigQuery, and serves as the unit of parallelism. Queries using this reservation might use more slots during runtime if ignoreIdleSlots is set to false.

  • name - (Required) The name of the reservation. This field must only contain alphanumeric characters or dash.

  • ignore_idle_slots - (Optional) If false, any query using this reservation will use idle slots from other reservations within the same admin project. If true, a query using this reservation will execute with the slot capacity specified above at most.

  • location - (Optional) The geographic location where the transfer config should reside. Examples: US, EU, asia-northeast1. The default value is US.

  • project - (Optional) The ID of the project in which the resource belongs. If it is not provided, the provider project is used.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to the arguments listed above, the following computed attributes are exported:

  • id - an identifier for the resource with format projects/{{project}}/locations/{{location}}/reservations/{{name}}

» Timeouts

This resource provides the following Timeouts configuration options:

  • create - Default is 4 minutes.
  • update - Default is 4 minutes.
  • delete - Default is 4 minutes.

» Import

Reservation can be imported using any of these accepted formats:

$ terraform import -provider=google-beta google_bigquery_reservation.default projects/{{project}}/locations/{{location}}/reservations/{{name}}
$ terraform import -provider=google-beta google_bigquery_reservation.default {{project}}/{{location}}/{{name}}
$ terraform import -provider=google-beta google_bigquery_reservation.default {{location}}/{{name}}

» User Project Overrides

This resource supports User Project Overrides.