» google_iam_testable_permissions

Retrieve a list of testable permissions for a resource. Testable permissions mean the permissions that user can add or remove in a role at a given resource. The resource can be referenced either via the full resource name or via a URI.

» Example Usage

Retrieve all the supported permissions able to be set on my-project that are in either GA or BETA. This is useful for dynamically constructing custom roles.

data "google_iam_testable_permissions" "perms" {
    full_resource_name = "//cloudresourcemanager.googleapis.com/projects/my-project"
    stages             = ["GA", "BETA"]

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • full_resource_name - (Required) See full resource name documentation for more detail.
  • stages - (Optional) The acceptable release stages of the permission in the output. Note that BETA does not include permissions in GA, but you can specify both with ["GA", "BETA"] for example. Can be a list of "ALPHA", "BETA", "GA", "DEPRECATED". Default is ["GA"].
  • custom_support_level - (Optional) The level of support for custom roles. Can be one of "NOT_SUPPORTED", "SUPPORTED", "TESTING". Default is "SUPPORTED"

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • permissions - A list of permissions matching the provided input. Structure is defined below.

The permissions block supports:

  • name - Name of the permission.
  • title - Human readable title of the permission.
  • stage - Release stage of the permission.
  • custom_support_level - The the support level of this permission for custom roles.
  • api_disabled - Whether the corresponding API has been enabled for the resource.