» google_folder_organization_policy

Allows management of Organization policies for a Google Folder. For more information see the official documentation

» Example Usage

data "google_folder_organization_policy" "policy" {
  folder     = "folders/folderid"
  constraint = "constraints/compute.trustedImageProjects"

output "version" {
  value = data.google_folder_organization_policy.policy.version

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • folder - (Required) The resource name of the folder to set the policy for. Its format is folders/{folder_id}.

  • constraint - (Required) (Required) The name of the Constraint the Policy is configuring, for example, serviceuser.services. Check out the complete list of available constraints.

» Attributes Reference

See google_folder_organization_policy resource for details of the available attributes.