» google_container_registry_repository

This data source fetches the project name, and provides the appropriate URLs to use for container registry for this project.

The URLs are computed entirely offline - as long as the project exists, they will be valid, but this data source does not contact Google Container Registry (GCR) at any point.

» Example Usage

data "google_container_registry_repository" "foo" {

output "gcr_location" {
  value = data.google_container_registry_repository.foo.repository_url

» Argument Reference

  • project: (Optional) The project ID that this repository is attached to. If not provided, provider project will be used instead.
  • region: (Optional) The GCR region to use. As of this writing, one of asia, eu, and us. See the documentation for additional information.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to the arguments listed above, this data source exports: