» google_container_engine_versions

Provides access to available Google Kubernetes Engine versions in a zone or region for a given project.

» Example Usage

data "google_container_engine_versions" "central1b" {
  provider       = google-beta
  location       = "us-central1-b"
  version_prefix = "1.12."

resource "google_container_cluster" "foo" {
  name               = "terraform-test-cluster"
  location           = "us-central1-b"
  node_version       = data.google_container_engine_versions.central1b.latest_node_version
  initial_node_count = 1

  master_auth {
    username = "mr.yoda"
    password = "adoy.rm"

output "stable_channel_version" {
  value = data.google_container_engine_versions.central1b.release_channel_default_version["STABLE"]

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • location (Optional) - The location (region or zone) to list versions for. Must exactly match the location the cluster will be deployed in, or listed versions may not be available. If location, region, and zone are not specified, the provider-level zone must be set and is used instead.

  • project (Optional) - ID of the project to list available cluster versions for. Should match the project the cluster will be deployed to. Defaults to the project that the provider is authenticated with.

  • version_prefix (Optional) - If provided, Terraform will only return versions that match the string prefix. For example, 1.11. will match all 1.11 series releases. Since this is just a string match, it's recommended that you append a . after minor versions to ensure that prefixes such as 1.1 don't match versions like 1.12.5-gke.10 accidentally. See the docs on versioning schema for full details on how version strings are formatted.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported: