» google_compute_ssl_policy

Gets an SSL Policy within GCE from its name, for use with Target HTTPS and Target SSL Proxies. For more information see the official documentation.

» Example Usage

data "google_compute_ssl_policy" "my-ssl-policy" {
  name = "production-ssl-policy"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) The name of the SSL Policy.

  • project - (Optional) The ID of the project in which the resource belongs. If it is not provided, the provider project is used.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to the arguments listed above, the following attributes are exported:

  • enabled_features - The set of enabled encryption ciphers as a result of the policy config

  • description - Description of this SSL Policy.

  • min_tls_version - The minimum supported TLS version of this policy.

  • profile - The Google-curated or custom profile used by this policy.

  • custom_features - If the profile is CUSTOM, these are the custom encryption ciphers supported by the profile. If the profile is not CUSTOM, this attribute will be empty.

  • fingerprint - Fingerprint of this resource.

  • self_link - The URI of the created resource.