» google_compute_network_endpoint_group

Use this data source to access a Network Endpoint Group's attributes.

The NEG may be found by providing either a self_link, or a name and a zone.

» Example Usage

data "google_compute_network_endpoint_group" "neg1" {
  name = "k8s1-abcdef01-myns-mysvc-8080-4b6bac43"
  zone = "us-central1-a"

data "google_compute_network_endpoint_group" "neg2" {
  self_link = "https://www.googleapis.com/compute/v1/projects/myproject/zones/us-central1-a/networkEndpointGroups/k8s1-abcdef01-myns-mysvc-8080-4b6bac43"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • project - (Optional) The ID of the project to list versions in. If it is not provided, the provider project is used.

  • name - (Optional) The Network Endpoint Group name. Provide either this or a self_link.

  • zone - (Optional) The Network Endpoint Group availability zone.

  • self_link - (Optional) The Network Endpoint Group self_link.

» Attributes Reference

In addition the arguments listed above, the following attributes are exported:

  • network - The network to which all network endpoints in the NEG belong.
  • subnetwork - subnetwork to which all network endpoints in the NEG belong.
  • description - The NEG description.
  • network_endpoint_type - Type of network endpoints in this network endpoint group.
  • default_port - The NEG default port.
  • size - Number of network endpoints in the network endpoint group.