» Google Cloud Platform Provider

The Google provider is used to configure your Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. See the Getting Started page for an introduction to using the provider.

A typical provider configuration will look something like:

provider "google" {
  credentials = file("account.json")
  project     = "my-project-id"
  region      = "us-central1"

See the provider reference for more details on authentication or otherwise configuring the provider.

Take advantage of Modules to simplify your config by browsing the Module Registry for GCP modules.

The Google provider is jointly maintained by:

If you have configuration questions, or general questions about using the provider, try checking out:

» Releases

Interested in the provider's latest features, or want to make sure you're up to date? Check out the google provider changelog and the google-beta provider changelog) for release notes and additional information.

Per Terraform Provider Versioning, the Google provider follows semantic versioning.

In practice, patch / bugfix-only releases of the provider are infrequent. Most provider releases are either minor or major releases.

» Minor Releases

The Google provider currently aims to publish a minor release every 2 weeks, although the timing of individual releases may differ if required by the provider team.

» Major Releases

The Google provider publishes major releases roughly yearly. An upgrade guide will be published to help ease you through the transition between the prior releases series and the new major release.

During major releases, all current deprecation warnings will be resolved, removing the field in question unless the deprecation warning message specifies another resolution.

Before a major release, deprecation warnings don't require immediate action. The provider team aims to surface deprecation warnings early in a major release lifecycle to give users plenty of time to safely update their configs.

» Features and Bug Requests

The Google provider's bugs and feature requests can be found in the GitHub repo issues. Please avoid "me too" or "+1" comments. Instead, use a thumbs up reaction on enhancement requests. Provider maintainers will often prioritize work based on the number of thumbs on an issue.

Community input is appreciated on outstanding issues! We love to hear what use cases you have for new features, and want to provide the best possible experience for you using the Google provider.

If you have a bug or feature request without an existing issue

The provider maintainers will often use the assignee field on an issue to mark who is working on it.

  • An issue assigned to an individual maintainer indicates that maintainer is working on the issue
  • An issue assigned to the modular-magician indicates the feature is being generated by Magic Modules in the immediate future, so direct contributions to that resource are discouraged.
  • An issue assigned to hashibot indicates a member of the community has taken on the issue!

» Contributing

If you'd like to help extend the Google provider, we gladly accept community contributions! Our full contribution guide is available at CONTRIBUTING.md

Pull requests can be made against either provider repo where a maintainer will apply them to both google and google-beta, or against Magic Modules directly.