» gitlab_project_cluster

This resource allows you to create and manage project clusters for your GitLab projects. For further information on clusters, consult the gitlab documentation.

» Example Usage

resource "gitlab_project" "foo" {
  name = "foo-project"

resource gitlab_project_cluster "bar" {
  project                       = "${gitlab_project.foo.id}"
  name                          = "bar-cluster"
  domain                        = "example.com"
  enabled                       = true
  kubernetes_api_url            = "https://124.124.124"
  kubernetes_token              = "some-token"
  kubernetes_ca_cert            = "some-cert"
  kubernetes_namespace          = "namespace"
  kubernetes_authorization_type = "rbac"
  environment_scope             = "*"
  management_cluster_id         = "123456"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • project - (Required, string) The id of the project to add the cluster to.

  • name - (Required, string) The name of cluster.

  • domain - (Optional, string) The base domain of the cluster.

  • enabled - (Optional, boolean) Determines if cluster is active or not. Defaults to true. This attribute cannot be read.

  • managed - (Optional, boolean) Determines if cluster is managed by gitlab or not. Defaults to true. This attribute cannot be read.

  • kubernetes_api_url - (Required, string) The URL to access the Kubernetes API.

  • kubernetes_token - (Required, string) The token to authenticate against Kubernetes.

  • kubernetes_ca_cert - (Optional, string) TLS certificate (needed if API is using a self-signed TLS certificate).

  • kubernetes_namespace - (Optional, string) The unique namespace related to the project.

  • kubernetes_authorization_type - (Optional, string) The cluster authorization type. Valid values are rbac, abac, unknown_authorization. Defaults to rbac.

  • environment_scope - (Optional, string) The associated environment to the cluster. Defaults to *.

  • management_cluster_id - (Optional, string) The ID of the management project for the cluster.

» Import

GitLab project clusters can be imported using an id made up of projectid:clusterid, e.g.

$ terraform import gitlab_project_cluster.bar 123:321