» gitlab_deploy_key_enable

This resource allows you to enable pre-existing deploy keys for your GitLab projects.

the GITLAB KEY_ID for the deploy key must be known

» Example Usage

# A repo to host the deployment key
resource "gitlab_project" "parent" {
  name = "parent_project"

# A second repo to use the deployment key from the parent project
resource "gitlab_project" "foo" {
  name = "foo_project"

# Upload a deployment key for the parent repo
resource "gitlab_deploy_key" "parent" {
  project = "${gitlab_project.parent.id}"
  title = "Example deploy key"
  key = "ssh-rsa AAAA..."

# Enable the deployment key on the second repo
resource "gitlab_deploy_key_enable" "foo" {
  project = "${gitlab_project.foo.id}"
  key_id = "${gitlab_deploy_key.parent.id}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • project - (Required, string) The name or id of the project to add the deploy key to.

  • key_id - (Required, string) The Gitlab key id for the pre-existing deploy key

» Import

GitLab enabled deploy keys can be imported using an id made up of {project_id}:{deploy_key_id}, e.g.

$ terraform import gitlab_deploy_key_enable.example 12345:67890