» gitlab_deploy_key

This resource allows you to create and manage deploy keys for your GitLab projects.

» Example Usage

resource "gitlab_deploy_key" "example" {
  project = "example/deploying"
  title   = "Example deploy key"
  key     = "ssh-rsa AAAA..."

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • project - (Required, string) The name or id of the project to add the deploy key to.

  • title - (Required, string) A title to describe the deploy key with.

  • key - (Required, string) The public ssh key body.

  • can_push - (Optional, boolean) Allow this deploy key to be used to push changes to the project. Defaults to false. NOTE:: this cannot currently be managed.

» Import

GitLab deploy keys can be imported using an id made up of {project_id}:{deploy_key_id}, e.g.

$ terraform import gitlab_deploy_key.test 1:3