» github_team_repository

This resource manages relationships between teams and repositories in your GitHub organization.

Creating this resource grants a particular team permissions on a particular repository.

The repository and the team must both belong to the same organization on GitHub. This resource does not actually create any repositories; to do that, see github_repository.

» Example Usage

# Add a repository to the team
resource "github_team" "some_team" {
  name        = "SomeTeam"
  description = "Some cool team"

resource "github_repository" "some_repo" {
  name = "some-repo"

resource "github_team_repository" "some_team_repo" {
  team_id    = "${github_team.some_team.id}"
  repository = "${github_repository.some_repo.name}"
  permission = "pull"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • team_id - (Required) The GitHub team id
  • repository - (Required) The repository to add to the team.
  • permission - (Optional) The permissions of team members regarding the repository. Must be one of pull, triage, push, maintain, or admin. Defaults to pull.

» Import

GitHub Team Repository can be imported using an ID made up of teamid:repository, e.g.

$ terraform import github_team_repository.terraform_repo 1234567:terraform