» github_membership

Provides a GitHub membership resource.

This resource allows you to add/remove users from your organization. When applied, an invitation will be sent to the user to become part of the organization. When destroyed, either the invitation will be cancelled or the user will be removed.

» Example Usage

# Add a user to the organization
resource "github_membership" "membership_for_some_user" {
  username = "SomeUser"
  role     = "member"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • username - (Required) The user to add to the organization.
  • role - (Optional) The role of the user within the organization. Must be one of member or admin. Defaults to member.

» Import

GitHub Membership can be imported using an ID made up of organization:username, e.g.

$ terraform import github_membership.member hashicorp:someuser