» github_actions_secret

This resource allows you to create and manage GitHub Actions secrets within your GitHub repositories. You must have write access to a repository to use this resource.

Secret values are encrypted using the Go '/crypto/box' module which is interoperable with libsodium. Libsodium is used by Github to decrypt secret values.

For the purposes of security, the contents of the plaintext_value field have been marked as sensitive to Terraform, but it is important to note that this does not hide it from state files. You should treat state as sensitive always. It is also advised that you do not store plaintext values in your code but rather populate the plaintext_value using fields from a resource, data source or variable as, while encrypted in state, these will be easily accessible in your code. See below for an example of this abstraction.

» Example Usage

data "github_actions_public_key" "example_public_key" {
  repository = "example_repository"

resource "github_actions_secret" "example_secret" {
  repository       = "example_repository"
  secret_name      = "example_secret_name"
  plaintext_value  = var.some_secret_string

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

» Attributes Reference