» flexibleengine_antiddos_v1

Anti-DDoS monitors the service traffic from the Internet to ECSs, ELB instances, and BMSs to detect attack traffic in real time. It then cleans attack traffic according to user-configured defense policies so that services run as normal.

» Example Usage

 variable "eip_id" {}

 resource "flexibleengine_antiddos_v1" "myantiddos" {
     floating_ip_id = "${var.eip_id}"
     enable_l7 = true
     traffic_pos_id = 1
     http_request_pos_id = 3
     cleaning_access_pos_id = 2
     app_type_id = 0

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • enable_l7 - (Required) Specifies whether to enable L7 defense.

  • traffic_pos_id - (Required) The position ID of traffic. The value ranges from 1 to 9.

  • http_request_pos_id - (Required) The position ID of number of HTTP requests. The value ranges from 1 to 15.

  • cleaning_access_pos_id - (Required)The position ID of access limit during cleaning. The value ranges from 1 to 8.

  • app_type_id - (Required) The application type ID.

  • floating_ip_id - (Required) The ID corresponding to the Elastic IP Address (EIP) of a user.

» Attributes Reference

All above argument parameters can be exported as attribute parameters.

» Import

Antiddos can be imported using the floating_ip_id, e.g.

$ terraform import flexibleengine_antiddos_v1.myantiddos c1881895-cdcb-4d23-96cb-032e6a3ee667