» flexibleengine_rds_flavors_v1

Use this data source to get the ID of an available FlexibleEngine rds flavor.

» Example Usage

data "flexibleengine_rds_flavors_v1" "flavor" {
    region = "eu-de"
    datastore_name = "PostgreSQL"
    datastore_version = "9.5.5"
    speccode = "rds.pg.s1.medium"

» Argument Reference

  • region - (Required) The region in which to obtain the V1 rds client.

  • datastore_name - (Required) The datastore name of the rds.

  • datastore_version - (Required) The datastore version of the rds.

  • speccode - (Optional) The spec code of a rds flavor.

» Available value for attributes

datastore_name datastore_version speccode
PostgreSQL 9.5.5
rds.pg.s1.xlarge rds.pg.m1.2xlarge rds.pg.c2.xlarge rds.pg.s1.medium rds.pg.c2.medium rds.pg.s1.large rds.pg.c2.large rds.pg.m1.large rds.pg.s1.2xlarge rds.pg.m1.xlarge
MySQL 5.6.33
rds.mysql.s1.medium rds.mysql.s1.large rds.mysql.s1.xlarge rds.mysql.s1.2xlarge rds.mysql.m1.2xlarge rds.mysql.c2.medium rds.mysql.c2.large rds.mysql.c2.xlarge rds.mysql.m1.large rds.mysql.m1.xlarge
SQLServer 2014 SP2 SE rds.mssql.s1.xlarge rds.mssql.m1.2xlarge rds.mssql.c2.xlarge rds.mssql.s1.2xlarge rds.mssql.m1.xlarge

» Attributes Reference

id is set to the ID of the found rds flavor. In addition, the following attributes are exported: