» flexibleengine_cce_cluster_v3

Provides details about all clusters and obtains certificate for accessing cluster information.

» Example Usage

  variable "cluster_name" { }
  variable "cluster_id" { }
  variable "vpc_id" { }

  data "flexibleengine_cce_cluster_v3" "cluster" {
   name = "${var.cluster_name}"
   id= "${var.cluster_id}"
   status= "Available"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Optional)The Name of the cluster resource.

  • id - (Optional) The ID of container cluster.

  • status - (Optional) The state of the cluster.

  • cluster_type - (Optional) Type of the cluster. Possible values: VirtualMachine, BareMetal or Windows

» Attributes Reference

All above argument parameters can be exported as attribute parameters along with attribute reference: