» consul_autopilot_config

Provides access to the Autopilot Configuration of Consul to automatically manage Consul servers.

It includes to automatically cleanup dead servers, monitor the status of the Raft cluster and stable server introduction.

» Example Usage

resource "consul_autopilot_config" "config" {
    cleanup_dead_servers      =  false
    last_contact_threshold    =  "1s"
    max_trailing_logs         =  500

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • datacenter - (Optional) The datacenter to use. This overrides the agent's default datacenter and the datacenter in the provider setup.

  • cleanup_dead_servers - (Optional) Whether to remove failing servers when a replacement comes online. Defaults to true.

  • last_contact_threshold - (Optional) The time after which a server is considered as unhealthy and will be removed. Defaults to "200ms".

  • max_trailing_logs - (Optional) The maximum number of Raft log entries a server can trail the leader. Defaults to 250.

  • server_stabilization_time - (Optional) The period to wait for a server to be healthy and stable before being promoted to a full, voting member. Defaults to "10s".

  • redundancy_zone_tag - (Optional) The redundancy zone tag to use. Consul will try to keep one voting server by zone to take advantage of isolated failure domains. Defaults to an empty string.

  • disable_upgrade_migration - (Optional) Whether to disable upgrade migrations. Defaults to false.

  • upgrade_version_tag - (Optional) The tag to override the version information used during a migration. Defaults to an empty string.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported: