» consul_services

The consul_services data source returns a list of Consul services that have been registered with the Consul cluster in a given datacenter. By specifying a different datacenter in the query_options it is possible to retrieve a list of services from a different WAN-attached Consul datacenter.

This data source is different from the consul_service (singular) data source, which provides a detailed response about a specific Consul service.

» Example Usage

data "consul_services" "read-dc1" {
  query_options {
    # Optional parameter: implicitly uses the current datacenter of the agent
    datacenter = "dc1"

# Set the description to a whitespace delimited list of the services
resource "example_resource" "app" {
  description = "${join(" ", data.consul_services.names)}"

  # ...

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • datacenter - (Optional) The Consul datacenter to query. Defaults to the same value found in query_options parameter specified below, or if that is empty, the datacenter value found in the Consul agent that this provider is configured to talk to.

  • query_options - (Optional) See below.

The query_options block supports the following:

  • allow_stale - (Optional) When true, the default, allow responses from Consul servers that are followers.

  • require_consistent - (Optional) When true force the client to perform a read on at least quorum servers and verify the result is the same. Defaults to false.

  • token - (Optional) Specify the Consul ACL token to use when performing the request. This defaults to the same API token configured by the consul provider but may be overriden if necessary.

  • wait_index - (Optional) Index number used to enable blocking quereis.

  • wait_time - (Optional) Max time the client should wait for a blocking query to return.

  • namespace - (Optional, Enterprise Only) The namespace to lookup the services.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • datacenter - The datacenter the keys are being read from to.
  • names - A list of the Consul services found. This will always contain the list of services found.
  • services.<service> - For each name given, the corresponding attribute is a Terraform map of services and their tags. The value is an alphanumerically sorted, whitespace delimited set of tags associated with the service.
  • tags - A map of the tags found for each service. If more than one service shares the same tag, unique service names will be joined by whitespace (this is the inverse of services and can be used to lookup the services that match a single tag).