» cloudflare_worker_script

Provides a Cloudflare worker script resource. In order for a script to be active, you'll also need to setup a cloudflare_worker_route.

» Example Usage

NOTE: This is for non-enterprise accounts where there is one script per zone. For enterprise accounts, see the "multi-script" example below.

# Sets the script for the example.com zone
resource "cloudflare_worker_script" "my_script" {
  zone = "example.com"
  content = "${file("script.js")}"

» Multi-script example usage

NOTE: This is only for enterprise accounts. With multi-script, each script is given a name instead of a zone

# Sets the script with the name "script_1"
resource "cloudflare_worker_script" "my_script" {
  name = "script_1"
  content = "${file("script.js")}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • zone - (Required for single-script accounts) The zone for the script.
  • name - (Required for multi-script accounts) The name for the script.
  • content - (Required) The script content.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • zone_id - The zone id of the script (only for non-multi-script resources)

» Import

» single-script

To import a script from a single-script account, use an id like zone:example.com

$ terraform import cloudflare_worker_script.default zone:example.com


» multi-script

To import a script from a multi-script account, use an id like name:script_name

$ terraform import cloudflare_worker_script.default name:script_name