» circonus_metric_cluster

The circonus_metric_cluster resource creates and manages a Circonus Metric Cluster.

» Usage

resource "circonus_metric_cluster" "nomad-job-memory-rss" {
  name = "My Job's Resident Memory"
  description = <<-EOF
An aggregation of all resident memory metric streams across allocations in a Nomad job.

  query {
    definition = "*`nomad-jobname`memory`rss"
    type       = "average"
  tags = ["source:nomad","resource:memory"]

» Argument Reference

  • description - (Optional) A long-form description of the metric cluster.

  • name - (Required) The name of the metric cluster. This name must be unique across all metric clusters in a given Circonus Account.

  • query - (Required) One or more query attributes must be present. Each query must contain both a definition and a type. See below for details on supported attributes.

  • tags - (Optional) A list of tags attached to the metric cluster.

» Supported Metric Cluster query Attributes

  • definition - (Required) The definition of a metric cluster query.

  • type - (Required) The query type to execute per metric cluster. Valid query types are: average, count, counter, counter2, counter2_stddev, counter_stddev, derive, derive2, derive2_stddev, derive_stddev, histogram, stddev, text.

» Out parameters

  • id - ID of the Metric Cluster.

» Import Example

circonus_metric_cluster supports importing resources. Supposing the following Terraform:

provider "circonus" {
  alias = "b8fec159-f9e5-4fe6-ad2c-dc1ec6751586"

resource "circonus_metric_cluster" "mymetriccluster" {
  name = "Metric Cluster for a particular metric in a job"

  query {
    definition = "*`nomad-jobname`memory`rss"
    type       = "average"

It is possible to import a circonus_metric_cluster resource with the following command:

$ terraform import circonus_metric_cluster.mymetriccluster ID

Where ID is the _cid or Circonus ID of the Metric Cluster (e.g. /metric_cluster/12345) and circonus_metric_cluster.mymetriccluster is the name of the resource whose state will be populated as a result of the command.