» circonus_metric

The circonus_metric resource creates and manages a single metric resource that will be instantiated only once a referencing circonus_check has been created.

» Usage

resource "circonus_metric" "used" {
  name  = "_usage`0`_used"
  type  = "numeric"
  units = "qty"

  tags = {
    author = "terraform"
    source = "circonus"

» Argument Reference

  • active - (Optional) A boolean indicating if the metric is being filtered out at the circonus_check's collector(s) or not.

  • name - (Required) The name of the metric. A name must be unique within a circonus_check and its meaning is circonus_check.type specific.

  • tags - (Optional) A list of tags assigned to the metric.

  • type - (Required) The type of metric. This value must be present and can be one of the following values: numeric, text, histogram, composite, or caql.

  • unit - (Optional) The unit of measurement for this circonus_metric.

» Import Example

circonus_metric supports importing resources. Supposing the following Terraform:

provider "circonus" {
  alias = "b8fec159-f9e5-4fe6-ad2c-dc1ec6751586"

resource "circonus_metric" "usage" {
  name = "_usage`0`_used"
  type = "numeric"
  unit = "qty"
  tags = { source = "circonus" }

It is possible to import a circonus_metric resource with the following command:

$ terraform import circonus_metric.usage ID

Where ID is a random, never before used UUID and circonus_metric.usage is the name of the resource whose state will be populated as a result of the command.