» checkpoint_management_address_range

This resource allows you to add/update/delete Check Point Address Range.

» Example Usage

resource "checkpoint_management_address_range" "example" {
  name = "New Address Range 1"
  ipv4_address_first = ""
  ipv4_address_last = ""

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) Object name. Should be unique in the domain.
  • ipv4_address_first - (Optional) First IPv4 address in the range.
  • ipv6_address_first - (Optional) First IPv6 address in the range.
  • ipv4_address_last - (Optional) Last IPv4 address in the range.
  • ipv6_address_last - (Optional) Last IPv6 address in the range.
  • nat_settings - (Optional) NAT settings. NAT settings blocks are documented below.
  • ignore_warnings - (Optional) Apply changes ignoring warnings.
  • ignore_errors - (Optional) Apply changes ignoring errors. You won't be able to publish such a changes. If ignore-warnings flag was omitted - warnings will also be ignored.
  • color - (Optional) Color of the object. Should be one of existing colors.
  • comments - (Optional) Comments string.
  • tags - (Optional) Collection of tag identifiers.

nat_settings supports the following:

  • auto_rule - (Optional) Whether to add automatic address translation rules.
  • ipv4_address - (Optional) IPv4 address.
  • ipv6_address - (Optional) IPv6 address.
  • hide_behind - (Optional) Hide behind method. This parameter is not required in case \"method\" parameter is \"static\".
  • install_on - (Optional) Which gateway should apply the NAT translation.
  • method - (Optional) NAT translation method.